ISBN 9788126526925,Never By Chance: Aligning People And Strategy Through Intentional Leadership

Never By Chance: Aligning People And Strategy Through Intentional Leadership



Times Group Books - New Delhi

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788126526925

ISBN-10 8126526920


Number of Pages 176 Pages
Language (English)


What keeps business leaders awake at night is a nagging sense of frustration from knowing that their organization could be, and should be, creating better results than it is. Never by Chance teaches business leaders to be intentional leaders. Being intentional means sharing a sense of purpose and direction not only with employees, but also with partners, vendors, and customers. When everything in an organization is intentional, it's the most incredible feeling; there's nothing you can't achieve and no goal you can't reach. The key to success is that it never happens by chance. Never by Chance is about straightforward processes to get people to work together to drive extraordinary results. It requires strong leadership, critical thinking and dedication to sustain focus on what's truly important. About the Author Joe Calloway, Chuck Feltz, and Kris Young are the founding partners in Engage Consulting Group, a company that works with clients to accelerate their business strategy through alignment of their resources. Joe Calloway has worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of people to help them create and sustain success. He studies factors across a wide range of business and personal endeavors. Joe has been a popular business speaker for twenty-eight years and is recognized as one of today's leading speakers (Speakers Hall of Fame) and is represented by the top bureaus in the country. Joe Calloway is the author of Becoming the Category of One (Wiley, 2003, 2009), Indispensable (Wiley, 2005), and Work Like You're Showing Off! (Wiley, 2007). Chuck Feltz has served as President and COO of Lifetouch Nation School Studios, the world's largest employee owned photography company, and President of Deluxe Corporation's Deluxe Financial Services, Deluxe's largest business unit serving financial institutions and consumers across the U.S. As President of Deluxe, Chuck successfully led the repositioning of this $800 million business by developing an innovative B2B vision and strategy. Chuck was also named President and CEO of Deluxe Government Services, a government electronic benefits delivery business. Kris Young has worked with production company Martin Bastian of Minneapolis for the past eleven years helping companies create strategic communications programs and events for employees and customers. Kris is recognized in the industry (NSA Meeting Partner of The Year) as an expert in bringing together the elements that result in intentional and meaningful communication. Kris has worked with a range of organizations including: Deluxe Financial Services, Wells Fargo, Cargill, ING, American Express, Target and many others. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Chapter 1 Vision: Begin with The End In Mind Case Study: Western Water Works Supply Company Chapter 2 Culture as a Competitive Advantage Case Study: Kowalski's Market Chapter 3 Relevance Making Your Company Matter Case Study: Apple Stores Chapter 4 Customer Experience - It Is Your Brand Case Study: Pinnacle Financial Partners Special Report: Events As Strategy Chapter 5 The Intentional Leadership Mindset Index