ISBN 9781422139905,Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9781422139905

ISBN-10 1422139905

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Number of Pages 95 Pages
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Literature fiction

Authoritative- Each essay is written by a top leader or thinker in this field. Their advice comes from their years of on-the-ground experience. Manageable- By breaking down this subject into short essays, readers can choose how and when they'll approach the topic-- bit by bit, or all in one sitting. Inspirational- Every contributor tells a personal story of how they were challenged with this particular problem. Topics covered will include: 1. how learning differs across generations; 2. how technology is changing learning; 3. how business innovations are impacting learning; 4. how leaders learn; 5. how you assist people with their learning; working environments; 6. tools and training, that optimize learning Fifty Lessons is a media company; the content it creates is currently available as a series of filmed interviews online, on DVD, in books and on the in-flight TV channels of selected airlines. The growing Fifty Lessons digital library already holds more than 500 individual lessons from over 100 high profile international business leaders. Experienced and respected leaders from industry, the public sector and academia are invited to contribute their most important lessons. The lessons are then fully indexed enabling Fifty Lessons to match its content directly to the strategic business learning objectives of its clients which include corporations, public sector organisations and educators