ISBN 9788184955767,New Age Leadership

New Age Leadership


Mahesh Baxi



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788184955767

ISBN-10 8184955766


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)


An Open minded approach for the new generation In any service sector across the globe, there are three things, which sets the foundation for success. They are: Organizational Development, Customer Relationship and Leadership None of these concepts are new. In fact, they have been around ever since the services sector was formed. However, how you play your cards in each one of them has certainly changed drastically, primarily attributing to the global nature of businesses, technology inventions, required collaboration and most importantly, staying competitive has become extremely difficult unless you are highly innovative at all times. New Age Leadership takes you into the various aspects of leadership in any organization, any domain or any kind of businesses. It explores age-old issues of leading an organization, but addresses them with an open mind and approaches that are suited to the new generation of employees. Each chapter talks about a particular situation and provides a practical implementation guide plus questions that you can ponder on. The examples given are primarily from the Information Technology domain; however, these practical mantras are applicable in any business across the globe. If you are a leader or want to lead a group of new generation employees, this book is for you. MAHESH BAXI is an entrepreneur, consultant and author. He has over 19 years of global IT Services experience. Mahesh has successfully built the culture of thought leadership in his companies and has fostered innovation to inspire value-oriented engagement with the customers. Mahesh has spent most of his professional life working with the customers and is very passionate about solving critical business problems. Mahesh spent about 12 years in San Jose, CA, where he held leadership roles in number of start-ups including Apttus, Vendavo, Nextance and Challenger Systems. He successfully led B2B and CRM practices and implemented complex solutions for fortune 500 customers such as IBM, Quest Communications, Eastman Chemical, Anheuser-Busch, PeopleSoft (now Oracle), Adove, Lenovo, Thomson Financial, Hitachi, Symantec, and S1 Corporation among many others. With years of global IT services experience, Mahesh brings tremendous ability and excitement to scale the company to new heights.

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