ISBN 9789381904381,New Delhi Paper 5: Chinas Strategy in the South China Sea: Role of the United States and India

New Delhi Paper 5: Chinas Strategy in the South China Sea: Role of the United States and India



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381904381

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This paper, "Chinas Strategy in the South China Sea: Role of the United States and India," strives to understand the changing dynamics of international relations in the 21st Century. Due to the continuously growing global energy demands and maritime security concerns, and their onward impact on economic and diplomatic relations, all the major powers are trying to gain a foothold in a number of geographically and geologically critical regions across the world. The South China Sea is one such region that has been identified as a key strategic location due to its capacity to meet both security concerns and energy demands. Chinas aggressive claims over strategically significant islands in this region, has come to influence the associated political dynamics and role of the extra-regional powers.
The research conducted was both deductive and inductive, employing both quantitative and qualitative methods of data analysis. Statistics, maps and diagrams have been used to add credence to the basic premise of the study, which is to understand the geopolitical and geostrategic importance of the South China Sea. However, qualitative examination of the nation states behaviour and response was given more emphasis in the study. The data for the research was taken from both primary and secondary sources.
One of the major findings is that Chinas proportional growth in economy as well as military strength is creating an insecure environment in the region. Also, the national security interests of the littoral states and other major powers are at stake due to Chinas assertive stand. Prolonged escalation of these problems will have an impact on the peace and stability of the whole region, and can have global implications. The need of the hour is to establish a multilateral regional organisation, where the United States and other extra-regional powers which are indirectly involved in the South China Sea dispute now, become observers and the issue is brought on the table for negotiations at the international level