ISBN 9788178299051,New Forms of Urban Governance in India : Shifts, Models, Networks and Contestations

New Forms of Urban Governance in India : Shifts, Models, Networks and Contestations


Isa S A Baud


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788178299051

ISBN-10 8178299054

Hard Back

Number of Pages 420 Pages
Language (English)


This work looks at the impact of decentralization on local governance arrangements and citizen participation in urban democracy processes in India. To analyse the various issues, it includes case studies from the major cities throughout the country. New Forms of Urban Governance in India: Shifts, Models, Networks and Contestations examines how local governments work together with other actors in governing mega cities in India, especially in view of globalization and internal transformation processes. It analyses whether new forms of governance open up opportunities for more participatory urban governance and improved service delivery, with positive implications for poor groups in the cities. The articles in the collection deal with two major processes--bringing the government closer to citizens through decentralization, and working with private sector and civil society groups in providing urban services. Participation of the rich and the poor in local democratic processes, and the relations between local and city planning are focussed. Students and academics involved in Urban Studies, Economics and Development Studies and the study of Local Governance will find the work valuable.