ISBN 9788176496049,New Iraq: Rebuilding The Country

New Iraq: Rebuilding The Country



Viva Books Private Limited

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788176496049

ISBN-10 8176496049


Number of Pages 236 Pages
Language (English)

Palaces & country houses

Iraq is synonymous with Saddam Hussein, an impression only reinforced by politicians, journalists, and pundits. But the debates over Saddam's regime have left out a vital piece of the story: the Iraqi people themselves. After three decades under Saddam's repressive rule, the question of "what comes next?" is an urgent one -and one that the American public needs to know more about. In The New Iraq, Middle East expert Joseph Braude tells the story of a country in flux, from memories of its distant past to the painful realities of life today, and explains how a global commitment to Iraq's renewal will benefit everyone who takes part in the emerging project of state-building. The New Iraq's riveting portrayal of Iraqi society-from its preachers and wealthy elites to its prostitutes and disaffected majorities-sheds light on a world unknown to Westerners due to the country's decade-long international isolation. Major wars, thirteen years of sanctions.