ISBN 9781904233886,New Moon

New Moon



Little, Brown Book Group

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781904233886

ISBN-10 1904233880


Number of Pages 512 Pages
Language (English)


The Twilight Saga is a romantic fantasy series centered on a girl named Bella Swan, who happens to be in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. As an ordinary seventeen-year-old girl with an extraordinary secret, she leads a life constantly marked by daring, danger, and intrigue. In this second novel, New Moon, Bella and Edward’s relationship takes a dark turn, a turn that reflects the celestial darkness during a new moon. As the novel opens, Bella is seen enjoying her eighteenth birthday in the company of Edward and his vampire family. A chance paper cut while unwrapping a gift unexpectedly turns things violent as the scent of Bella’s blood overwhelms Edward’s brother Jasper who then attempts to kill her. Subsequently, Edward tries to protect Bella by leaving town with the rest of his family. His departure leaves Bella distressed and heartbroken. In a constant state of depression, she turns to her friend Jacob Black to seek solace. Jacob, as good a friend he is to Bella, is nevertheless hiding an enormous secret of his own. If Bella happens to discover it, things are bound to get complicated. Elsewhere, Edward is just as heartbroken as Bella. Even if he wants to go back to her, it might just be a little too late and Edward’s heart might break all over again. Surprising, even shocking, twists and turns abound in this intense novel from Stephenie Meyer. New Moon was first published in 2006. It went on to top many bestseller lists, gathering positive reviews and much commercial success. Since then, it has been translated into 38 languages and has sold millions of copies. The book has also been adapted for film too. This edition of the book is a 2007 reprint.