ISBN 9780761933007,New X-Men Ultimate Collection Book 1

New X-Men Ultimate Collection Book 1



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780761933007

ISBN-10 076193300X


Number of Pages 376 Pages
Language (English)


The Winning Manager takes an in-depth and thoughtful look at the problems and concerns that managers deal with on an everyday basis. Walter Vieira uses his enormous experience as a business consultant to present a step-by-step progression of corporate life and to provide lessons for shaping a successful corporate executive. Full of real-life examples and anecdotes, this book will enable managers to relate to, and tackle, everyday problems successfully. As such, it is an extremely practical and invaluable guide for all those already in the corporate world or those just entering it, as well as for students of management. Table of Contents Introduction I. STARTING OUT: On the Threshold Sketching Out a Grand Career Design Applications that Work?and Why Some Don?t Playing the Interview Game Negotiating the Interview Following Up on Interviews Choosing an Employer?Look Before You Leap Knowing the CEO The First Job Change: A Formidable Challenge Be Wary of Titles New Paths and Conformity?Striking a Balance Getting On with Your Boss II. DEVELOPING SKILLS AND ABILITIES: A Mentor Helps You Succeed Don't Let Accidents Derail You Little Things Show Up Becoming an Effective Manager Opportunities to Learn Time Management Effective Communication Words and Sense Blocking Communication? ?I Know it Already? Taking Notes Communicating Facts Without Tact Communication Breakdown?Separating Issues Dithering on Decisions How to Motivate People The Need for Creativity Gathering Experience Learning from Job Transfers Beneficial Associations Enhancing Career Options with Networking Grabbing Opportunities Perseverance Pays The Importance of Being a Team Player Develop Your Own Style III. ATTITUDES AND VALUES: Is Business Etiquette Outdated? Indiscretion Can Harm Others Indiscretion Can Even Harm You Keeping Your Word Building Credibility The Limits of Honesty Tolerance for Corruption Gifts?Giving and Receiving Greater Expectations from Others A Yearning for Solitude Are You Doing Well? Fooling People at Work With a Little Bit of Luck Values and the Executive Should You Be in Business? The Protective Umbrella