ISBN 9780143068068,Nishabd Samvad Ka Jadoo: Jeevan Ki 111 Jigyasaon Ka Samadhaan -

Nishabd Samvad Ka Jadoo: Jeevan Ki 111 Jigyasaon Ka Samadhaan -




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Penguin Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780143068068

ISBN-10 0143068067


Number of Pages 148 Pages
Language (Hindi)


Spirituality in its true form is neither an escape nor refuge. It's about reconnecting with our real self, understanding our hidden potential, preparing ourselves to deal with emerging situations and much, much more. Spirituality helps by attaching a context to the various occurrences in our everyday life. It also expands human potential to deal with the infinite aspects of life. Until we remove the blindfold of ignorance and understand the real truth about life and living, we will continue to believe fallacies and get bogged down by existential dilemmas. The truth of life lies in the art of being one with life. Truth that not only takes us forward in our spiritual quests, but also elevates our level of consciousness. Sirshree tells us how to awaken and feel the magic within. He says, 'All paths that lead to the truth begin differently but end in the same way with understanding'. Understanding is the whole thing, and it is this understanding that is imparted in the book.