ISBN 9789384757687,No Outlaws in the Gender Galaxy

No Outlaws in the Gender Galaxy


Raj Merchant


Zubaan Books



Zubaan Books

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384757687

ISBN-10 9384757683

Paper Back

Number of Pages 287 Pages
Language (English)
The constructed 'naturalness' of a world made up of two sexes, two genders, and heterosexual desire as the only legitimate desire has been continuously questioned and challenged by those marginalised by these norms. This forces us to ask some important questions- How is gender really understood and constructed in the world that we inhabit? How does it operate through the various socio-political-cultural structures around us? And, most crucially, how is it lived No Outlaws in the Gender Galaxy attempts to understand gender through the lives of queer persons assigned a female gender at birth. The lived realities of the respondents, echoing in the book through their voices, help to interrogate gender as well as provide clues to how it can be envisioned or revisioned to be egalitarian.
The authors examine how gender plays out in public and private institutions like the family, educational institutions, work and public spaces and explore the multiplicity of ways in which people live gender. The book testifies that even if there are gender laws, in a just world there can be no gender outlaws.