ISBN 9789350142288,Non Conventional Energy Resources

Non Conventional Energy Resources



S K Kataria And Sons

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789350142288

ISBN-10 9350142287

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Number of Pages 350 Pages

Science: general issues

Non-Conventional Energy Resources is a comprehensive book for undergraduates studying energy sciences. The book discusses how there is a shortage in conventional sources of energy and how mankind must commit to converting entirely to natural sources of energy. It explains the application of geothermal energy, solar energy, photovoltaic cells, magneto-hydrodynamics, thermo-electrical and thermoionic conversions, wind energy and other natural sources. In addition, the book presents previous years’ papers for students to assess their understanding with and improve their knowledge of how to apply the concepts. The book is a must-read for all students of mechanical and electrical engineering.
About the Authors
S. Hasan Saeed and D. K. Sharma are Indian academic writers with years of experience in teaching at the college level.