ISBN 9788854400412,Northern India

Northern India



White Star Publishers

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788854400412

ISBN-10 8854400416


Number of Pages 167 Pages
Language (English)

Northern Ireland

Northern India was the site of the flowering of the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jainist cultures, the setting of Islamic civilization, and the formation of the Sikh congregation. Northern India's temples, palaces, mosques, and mausoleums tell the story of ancient Indian civilization, presented in this handy guide through superb photographs and concise, fact-filled text. Readers visiting the terracotta temples of Bengal will find explanations of the various structures in this complex, and the decorative motifs and their symbolism. Visitors to Rajasthan, the best-known Indian state, Amber, and Jaipur, will learn from this book about the ancient peoples who settled in each region, and about each area's cultural heritage. The insightful text and captions are accompanied by superb photographs, three dimensional reconstructions, drawings, and dozens of meticulously plotted maps and floor plans.

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