ISBN 9788129115522,Nothing Can Be As Crazy

Nothing Can Be As Crazy


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788129115522

ISBN-10 8129115522


Number of Pages 244 Pages
Language (English)


Nothing Can Be As Crazy covers a graphic description of the drudgery of the bourgeoisie class very effectively. The story of this literary work by Ajay Mohan Jain revolves around the life of Suresh Chandra. Suresh is a typical man who belongs to the service class of urban India. He is very excited about his new career as a Probationary Officer of a nationalised bank. Suresh is a man who is stuck in between his moral views and traditional fosterage. This often makes him fail to accept the new norms of the urban lifestyle that he is living. The liberalistic society confuses him. The urban metropolis life is new to him. He is lost in the ruthless race of professionalism and hypocrisy. Unknowingly, his destiny tests him at various junctions of his new banking career. Although he comes from a technocratic background, banking is his new choice. Is he in the right path? What does his career have in store for him? His traditional views and approach towards his life have become a hindrance to both his personal as well as professional life. His love affair with his acquaintance and classmate, Monalika, is at stake due to his orthodox views. What will Suresh do in this hypocritical world? Will he flow with the professional world and become an inseparable part of it or will he take his stand and oppose it? Nothing Can Be As Crazy is written in comprehensive English that makes this book a page turner. About Ajay Mohan Jain Ajay Mohan Jain was a prominent banking professional before he changed his career to become a well known writer. Nothing Can Be As Crazy is the only book he has written so far in his writing career. He acquired his B.Tech Degree from the prestigious IIT - Kanpur. He is also the alumna of the renowned educational institute the IIM - Ahmadabad. He is a regular columnist in many magazine publications and dailies.