ISBN 9780074633113,Numerical Methods

Numerical Methods



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9780074633113

ISBN-10 0074633112

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Number of Pages 608 Pages
Language (English)

Numerical analysis

Designed for the core course on the subject, this book seeks to provide students with at sound introductin to Numerical Methods. Logical arrangement of topics, clarity of presentation and illustration through examples aid the student in becoming adept at applying the methods. A number of unique features make this book differnet from other existing books in the field.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 Introduction to Numerical Computing Chapter 2 Introduction to Computers and Computing Concepts Chapter 3 Computer Codes and Arithmetic Chapter 4 Approximations and Errors in Computing Chapter 5 FORTRAN 77 Overview Chapter 6 Roots of Nonlinear Equations Chapter 7 Direct Solution of Linear Equations Chapter 8 Iterative Solution of Linear Equations Chapter 9 Curve Fitting : Interpolation Chapter 10 Curve Fitting : Regression Chapter 11 Numerical Differentiation Chapter 12 Numerical Integration Chapter 13 Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations Chapter 14 Boundary-value and Eigenvalue Problems Chapter 15 Solution of Partial Differential Equations Appendix A Solution of Linear systems by Matrix Methods Appendix B Solution of Polynomials by Graeffe's Root Squaring Method Appendix C Difference Operators and Central Difference Appendix DC programs Appendix E Bibliography Index