ISBN 9788178357331,Nutrition And Aids

Nutrition And Aids



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Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788178357331

ISBN-10 817835733X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 558 Pages
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Later in the year 2006, UNAIDS has reported an alarming figure of 5.7 million HIV infected people in India with its prolonged sting through these vulnerable population to their spouses, children and other family members and communities--thriving hard on their narrowing life expectancy. HIV/AIDS, the disease of the immense dread, erodes the very life-nurve of the immune system, increasing the incidence of infections. The malfunction of the immune system affects the body in various ways, and it is the loss of the normal abilities of the body to keep its existence. The book in its all scientific opinions asserts the importance of the proper nutrition as one key element in the medical management of HIV. Though not a cure, good nutrition (and exercise) helps keep the immune system strong enabling the body to fight the disease better weight loss waiting and malnutrition continue to be common problems in HIV, despite more effective antiretroviral medications, and can contribute to HIV disease progression. Good nNutrition helps the body process medication, and reduce diarrhoea, nausea, fatigue and metabolic abnormalities. The book purports to provide basic information on nutrition and its importance in relation to HIV/AIDS. Hoped, the book will prove to be highly regarded as a source material / reference book for the concerned people, programs and organisations.