ISBN 9780412072413,Obesity Assessment: Tools, Methods, Interpretations

Obesity Assessment: Tools, Methods, Interpretations


Chapman & Hall



Chapman & Hall

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9780412072413

ISBN-10 0412072416


Number of Pages 932 Pages
Language (English)

Medical genetics

Drawing on the expertise of well-known researchers in the field, this user-friendly reference examines the multiple and complex factors involved in the diagnosis and the treatment of obesity. This unique book provides a descriptive analysis of selected assessment tools, along with their methods of application and interpretation in healthy normal weight and obese adults. In particular, the text assesses individuals by age, gender, weight status, and the many interrelated variables that contribute to the developement and/or exacerbation of the obese state. Broad-based and practical, this standardized reference provides complete coverage of: A series of baseline assessment questionnaires, designed to assess activity, nutrition, health, demograghics, and weight How different weight measures may be useful and how they are affected by different methodological approaches the physiological and genetic aspects which are affected by body weight composition and distribution State-of-the-art measurements on energy balance and dietary intake Pschological assessment in obese versus normal weight individuals -personality and environmental factors(i.e. self esteem, life change events), stress and emotions, and the correlation between various lifestyle factors with genetic and/or environmental factors Obesity Assessment provides a one-of-a-kind reference guide which readers can use to base their own applications and interpretations when assessing different individuals or populations or conducting intervention programs. Among those readers who will find this refrence most useful are nutritionists, pschologists, physicians, researchers, dietians, clinicians, health educators, teachers, and students