ISBN 9788175152694,Object Oriented Programming In C++

Object Oriented Programming In C++


Robert Lafore



Galgotia Publication

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788175152694

ISBN-10 8175152699


Number of Pages 954 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

C++ is a general-purpose programming language and is implemented on a wide variety of operating system and hardware platforms.
The book Object-Oriented Programming in C++ introduces us to many important concepts of C++. The book starts with simple programming examples and proceeds to more complex object oriented applications.

In a simple and systematic manner, the book covers the present features of the ANSI/ISO C++ standard as it applies to object-oriented programming. The book is divided into 16 chapters.

The book attempts to give the readers the big picture and covers C++ programming basics, functions, loops and decisions, structures, objects and classes.

The book also includes detailed explanation on arrays and strings, virtual functions, pointers, operator overloading, templates and exceptions, inheritance, streams and files. The author has also devoted chapters to multi file programs, the standard template library and object-oriented design.

Why has object-oriented programming become the preferred approach for most software projects? What are the syntax and features of C++? How can they be used to tackle recurring problems with design patterns? The author has tried to answer all these questions in this edition.

Along with suitable examples and illustrations the book is helpful to get a quick idea on the new concepts of object oriented programming, CRC modelling, and the new universal modelling language. The book has questions with the solutions at the end and a number of exercises that will help students to understand better.

Published in 2006 the book has proved useful to students and programmers of C++ to get an insight into the programming language.