ISBN 9789325975644,Object Oriented Programming With C++ 2Nd Edition

Object Oriented Programming With C++ 2Nd Edition


Khurana R



Vikas Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789325975644

ISBN-10 9325975645


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 608 Pages
Language (English)

Biography: science, technology & engineering

The revised edition of Object-Oriented Programming with C++ has become more comprehensive with the inclusion of several topics. Like its previous edition, it provides an in-depth coverage of basic, as well as advanced concepts of object-oriented programming such as encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, dynamic binding, templates, exception handling, streams, and Standard Template Library (STL) and their implementation through C++. Besides, the revised edition includes a chapter on multithreading. The book meets the requirements of students enrolled in various courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including BTech, BE, BCA, BSc, MSc, and MCA. It is also useful for software developers who wish to expand their knowledge of C++.

New in This Edition

Inclusion of topics like empty class, anonymous objects, recursive constructors and object slicing.
A chapter on multithreading explaining how concurrency is implemented in C++.

Key Features

Presentation for easy grasp through chapter objectives, suitable tables, diagrams and programming examples.
Notes and key points provided to make the reader self-sufficient.
Examination-oriented approach through objective and descriptive questions at the end of each chapter to help students in the preparation for annual and semester tests