ISBN 9780070265127,Object Oriented Systems Development

Object Oriented Systems Development



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070265127

ISBN-10 0070265127

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Number of Pages 432 Pages
Language (English)

Object Oriented||Object oriented software engineering

This book, intended for an introductory course in object-oriented systems development at the junior, senior and first-year graduate level, provides a clear description of the concepts underlying object-oriented systems development.

Table of Contents:
PART I: Introduction Chapter 1 Overview of Object-Oriented Systems Development Chapter 2 Object Basics Chapter 3 Systems Development Life Cycle: Unified Approach PART II: Methodology and Modeling Chapter 4 Object-Oriented Methodology Chapter 5 Unified Modeling Language PART III: Object-Oriented Analysis Chapter 6 Object-Oriented Analysis: The Use Case Driven Process Chapter 7 Object Analysis: Classification Chapter 8 Object Relationship Analysis PART IV: Object-Oriented Design Chapter 9 Object-Oriented Design Process and Benchmarking Chapter 10 Designing Classes: Defining Attributes and Methods Chapter 11 Object Storage and Access Layer Chapter 12 Designing the View Layer: Toward Object-Oriented User Interface (OOUI) PART V: Software Quality Chapter 13 Measuring User Satisfaction and Systems Usability Chapter 14 Software Quality Assurance Appendix A Document Template Appendix B Windows Basics Glossary Index