Spectrum Books

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788179304938

ISBN-10 8179304930


Number of Pages 917 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exams Preparation

This book offers a comprehensive approach to grammar, designed to equip the reader with the essentials of correct usage. Plenty of practice exercises with focussed review in concepts and principles. Ideal reference book for writers/journalists, students and candidates of ALL competitive examinations, Bank P.O., S.B.I P.O., R.B.I. Exam, NABARD Exam, Railway Recruitment Exam, N.D.A., C.D.S., I.E.S., L.I.C.- A.A.O., G.I.C.-A.A.O., Income Tax and Central Excise, Sub-Inspectors of Police Exam., Asstt. Grade, Section Officers, Bank Clerical and Others.

Most competitive examinations include a Test of English Language (or a Test of Communication Skills). And most of these tests comprise objective type questions, more specifically, multiple choice questions. They test the candidates' comprehension and knowledge of English. Obviously, candidates must have a good grasp of grammatical usage and an extensive vocabulary. At the same time, any examination can be tackled better by candidates if they are familiar with the type of questions usually set in the examinations and have good practice in answering such questions. This book has been designed keeping in mind the two basic needs of the candidates a thorough grounding in the subject and adequate practice at answering the right kind of questions.

The book has been divided into three broad units.

Learning Curve I provides basic information relating to grammar and vocabulary. Essential Grammar Review takes the readers through the fundamental aspects of grammatical usage, focusing on those areas which seem difficult to most students of the language and highlighting the 'pitfalls' that need to be avoided all the while keeping in mind the areas that examiners love to test. Essential Vocabulary Review gives fairly exhaustive lists of words-synonyms and antonyms, confusing words with their subtle differences in meaning, words that substitute for many others, idioms and phrases; besides, these words are illustrated in sentences so that readers get a clear idea of their meaning and correct usage.

Learning Curve II the longest unit is all about applying one's knowledge and improving one's proficiency. This can be done by answering a variety of the right kind of questions, checking their answers and thereby assessing one's ability. This unit covers all the common question types in their variety of formats (including the recent innovations) so far set in a number of competitive examinations. Systematically arranged under five section heads, the practice exercises comprise questions modelled on examination trends and are arranged in manageable sets to enable readers to work steadily without lapse of concentration.

Learning Curve III comprises a large number of solved test papers. These are test papers set in various examinations. They have been provided by candidates and are based on their memory. This unit is designed to give the readers a 'feel' of the actual examination. If the readers answer these test papers within set time limits, they can assess their standard. They can always hone their skills further.