ISBN 9789351417781,Objective General Knowledge Chapterwise Collection of 2750+ Q 5th Edition

Objective General Knowledge Chapterwise Collection of 2750+ Q 5th Edition



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351417781

ISBN-10 9351417786


Edition 5th
Number of Pages 328 Pages
Language (English)


Objective General Knowledge Chapterwise Collection of 2750+ Q is a comprehensive book on general knowledge for candidates aspiring for various quiz programs and competitive examinations which test their knowledge of current affairs. The book covers various topics such as history, geography, indian polity, indian economy, general science and general knowledge, presenting concise and clear explanations for the students before presenting a collection of questions gathered from previous years' examination papers. Incorporating important notes, illustrations and data tables wherever necessary, this book helps boost the students' retention and allows them to achieve their goals. In addition, the book contains over 2750 questions which have been gathered from competitive examinations such as UPSC, State PCS, CDS, NDA, Assistant Commandant, Bank PO / Clerk, SSC and many other examinations. The book is an essential resource for all SSC, Railway, Bank (PO & Clerk), Army, Air-force, Navy and other civil service examination aspirants.
About Manohar Pandey
Manohar Pandey is an Indian writer. He works with Arihant Publications which uses dedicated experts in the field to author books catering to various competitive examinations. He has also written: General Knowledge 2015, 14000 + Objective Questions - General Studies and
Samanya Gyan 2014.
Table of contents :- 
1. Harappan Civilization
2. Vedic Age
3. Religious movements - Buddhism / Jainism
4. The Mahajanpadas
5. The Mauryan Empire
6. Post Mauryan Period
7. The Guptas / Post Gupta Period
8. Medieval India the Delhi Sultanate
9. The Bhakti Movements
10. The Mughal Empire / The Marathas
11. The Advent of the European
12. Indian National Movement
13. Art and Culture in India
1. The Universe / Galaxies Planets
2. The Earth - Important Facts
3. Climate of Earth / Facts on Agriculture Mineral and Industries
4. The Rocks and the Mountains / Earthquakes
5. The Water World / Facts on Countries
6. India - Important Facts
7. India - Physiology / Physical Features of India
8. Drainage Pattern of India
9. Climate Natural Vegetation and Soil of India
10. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of India
11. Minerals and Industries of India
12. Transportation & Communication / National Parks and Sanctuaries
13. Environment and Ecology
Indian Polity
1. Constitutional Development of India
2. Sources and Features of Our Constitution
3. Fundamental Rights and Duties
4. Emergency Provisions in Our Constitution
5. The Union Executive
6. The Union Legislature
7. The Judiciary
8. The State Executive
9. Centre - State Relations and Federalism
10. UPSC / Attorney General / CAG / Election Commission of India
11. Local Self-governance/ E-governance
12. Amendment of the Constitution
Indian Economy
1. Nature of Indian Economy / Planning
2. Unemployment / Alleviation Programs Agricultural Economic Policies Schemes
3. Currency and Inflation
4. Money Market and Capital Market
5. National Income in India
6. Industries, Infrastructure and Foreign Trade in India
7. World Economy / International Organization Human Development India
8. National Resources & Important Facts
General Science
1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Biology
4. Science and Technology
General Knowledge
1. Sports World
2. Research Institutions in India
3. Books and Authors
4. Famous Personalities
5. International Organizations
6. General Aspects of Geography, History and Economy
7. General Aspects of General Science
8. World Survey
9. Important Dates
10. Census - 2011
11. Awards, Honours and Prizes
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