ISBN 9788183482554,Objective General Science Useful For Ias,Pcs,Ssc,Nda,Cds,Si,Railway,Armed Forces Etc.

Objective General Science Useful For Ias,Pcs,Ssc,Nda,Cds,Si,Railway,Armed Forces Etc.



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183482554

ISBN-10 8183482554


Number of Pages 348 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

Table Of Contents Physical Sciences Measurements, Unit, Dimensions and Vectors Motion (One, Two and Three Dimensions) Newton?s Laws of Motion, Momentum, Friction Rotation Work, Energy and Power Gravitation Simple Harmonic Motion General Properties of Matter Kinetic Theory of Gases Heat Optics Wave Motion Electricity Magnetism Modern Physics Electronics Universe and Electromagnetic Waves Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics Everyday Science Chemical Sciences Matter and Its States Elements, Mixture and Compounds Atomic Structure Radioactivity (Nuclear Chemistry) Chemical Bonding Chemical Reactions Acids, Bases and pH Behaviour of Gases Solutions Catalysts Electrochemistry Periodic Classification Hydrogen and Its Compounds Metallurgy Elements of Group Zero (I to VIII) Nomenclature of Organic Compounds and Isomerism Hydrocarbons Aldehydes, Acids, Alcohols and Ethers Oils, Fats, Soaps and Detergents Aromatic Compounds Polymers Petroleum Biological Sciences Life: Origin and Evolution Cytogenetics Diversity in Living Beings Plant Tissue System Animal Tissue System Plant Anatomy and Embryology Plant Physiology Animal Physiology Pathology Ecology Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering Miscellaneous