ISBN 9789384089528,Objective Mathematics for JEE Main 2015 with Boards Score Booster 12th Edition

Objective Mathematics for JEE Main 2015 with Boards Score Booster 12th Edition



Disha Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384089528

ISBN-10 9384089524


Edition 12th
Number of Pages 1164 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering: general

With the Boards having a weightage (40%) for admission through JEE Main the need of a book that can help students both in JEE Main and Boards becomes more prominent. The All New Objective Mathematics for JEE Main 2014 with Boards Score Booster encapsulates the formula for cracking Boards and JEE Main simultaneously.

Salient features of Disha's 'Objective Mathematics for JEE Main 2015 with Boards Score Booster' books are

Exhaustive theory, with solved examples, explaining all fundamentals/concepts to build a strong base.

Illustrations to master applications of concepts and sharpen problem-solving skills.

3 levels of graded exercises to ensure sufficient practice.

1200+ NCERT based Questions (Boards Score Booster) for Board exams covered in a separate exercise.

1500 + past Competitive Exam MCQs of JEE Main / AIEEE and other entrance exams to provide a better exposure covered in the exercise Window to Competitive Exams.

3000+ Practise MCQs for the JEE Main exam. The book contains in-chapter MCQs after every significant topic covered in the theory portion. Finally a Practise exercise at the end of each chapter containing both Conceptual and Applied questions.

The book covers all variety of questions as per the format of the previous year AIEEE / JEE Main Papers. The fully solved paper of JEE Main 2014 has been provided in the book.

Covers entire syllabus as per the latest NCERT books and JEE Main syllabus. The complete book has been aligned as per the chapter flow of NCERT class 11 and 12 books. At places certain chapters have been divided into sub-chapters. For example - Binomial Theorem is divided into 2 parts Part A - Binomial Theorem Part B - Infinite Series.

Table of Contents : -
1. Sets, Relations and Functions
2. Trigonometric Functions
Part A - Trigonometric Ratios and Identities
Part B - Trigonometric Equations and In-equations
Part C - Properties of Triangles and Height and Distances
3. Principle of Mathematical Induction and Permutation and Combinations
4. Complex Numbers
5. Quadratic Equations
6. Linear Inequalities
7. Sequence and Series
8. Binomial Theorem
Part A - Binomial Theorem
Part B - Infinite Series
9. Straight Lines
Part A - Points and Straight Lines
Part B - Pair of Straight Lines
10. Conic Sections
Part A - Circle
Part B - Parabola
Part C - Ellipse and Hyperbola
11. Mathematical Reasoning
12. Statistics
13. Probability - Basic
14. Functions
15. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
16. Matrices
17. Determinants
18. Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
19. Differentiation and Application of Derivatives
20. Integrals – Indefinite Integration
21. Definite Integration and Application of Integrals
22. Differential Equation
23. Vector Algebra
24. Three Dimensional Geometry

 25. Probability - Advanced