ISBN 9789351768975,Objective Question Bank - General Science

Objective Question Bank - General Science



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351768975

ISBN-10 935176897X


Number of Pages 496 Pages
Language (English)


The General Science section covering Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science has taken an important dimension in most of the competitive examinations like SSC, CDS, NDA, Assistant Commandant, CPO, UPSC and State Level PSC exams and those lacking the basic general science knowledge lag behind others in the long run.

The present book will act as an objective question bank for general science. The book has been prepared keeping in mind the importance of the subject. This book has been divided into four sections namely Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science, each divided into number of chapters as per the syllabic of General Science section asked in various competitive exams. The Physics section covers Motion, Force & Laws of Motion, Gravitation, Work, Energy & Power, Simple Harmonic Motion, Wave Motion, Light - Ray Optics, Current Electricity & its Effects, Nuclear Physics, Semiconductor, Communication, etc whereas the Chemistry section has been divided into Atomic Structure, Chemical Reactions, Chemical Bonding, Solutions & Colloids, Energetics & Kinetics, Electrochemistry, Metallurgy, Metals & their Compounds, Flame & Fuel, Food Chemistry, etc. The Biology section in the book covers Biology & Its Branches, Cell - Structure & Functions, Cell Cycle & Cell Division, Plant Tissues, Animal Nutrition, Plant System, Reproduction in Organisms, Respiratory System, Excretory System, Reproductive System, Genetics, Biotechnology, Animal Husbandry, etc whereas the Computer Awareness section has been divided into Computer Organization & Memory, Data Representation, Software, Data Communication Networking and Internet & Computer Security. The chapters in the book contain more than 100 tables which will help in better summarization of the important information. Each chapter in the book contains ample number of objective questions ample number of objective questions including questions asked in previous years exams which have been designed on the lines of questions asked in various competitive examinations. With a collection of more than 5000 highly useful questions, the content covered in the book tries to simplify the complexities of some of the topics so that non-science students feel no difficulty while studying general science. Also hints and solutions to the difficult questions have been provided in the book.

As the book thoroughly covers the General Science section asked in a number of competitive examinations, it for sure will work as a preparation booster for various competitive examinations like UPSC & State Level PSCs Examinations, SSC, CDS, NDA, CISF and other general competitive & recruitment examinations.
1. Measurement and Errors
2. Motion
3. Force and Laws of Motion
4. Gravitation
5. Work, Energy and Power
6. Rotational Motion and Center of Mass
7. Mechanical Properties of Matter
8. Simple Harmonic Motion
9. Temperature, Heat and Thermodynamics
10. Wave Motion
11. Light - Ray Optics
12. Electric Charge: Electric Field and Electric Potential
13. Current Electricity and its Effects
14. Magnetic Effects of Current, Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction
15. Nuclear Physics
16. Semiconductor
17. Communication

1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2. Atomic Structure
3. Chemical Reactions
4. Chemical Bonding
5. Acids, Bases and Salts
6. Solutions and Colloids
7. Energetics and Kinetics
8. Electrochemistry
9. Periodic Classification of Elements
10. Metallurgy
11. Hydrogen and its Compounds
12. Metals and Their Compounds
13. Non - Metals and Their Compounds
14. Flame and Fuel
15. Organic Compounds
16. Food Chemistry
17. Chemistry in Everyday Life

1. Biology and its Branches
2. Diversity in Living Organisms
3. Cell : Structure and Functions
4. Cell Cycle and Cell Division
5. Plant Tissues
6. Animal Tissues
7. Plant Nutrition
8. Animal Nutrition
9. Plant System
10. Reproduction in Organisms
11. Digestive System in Humans
12. Respiratory System
13. Circulatory System
14. Excretory System
15. Skeletal System in Humans
16. Control and Coordination
17. Reproductive System
18. Genetics
19. Heredity and Evolution
20. Human Health and Diseases
21. Biotechnology
22. Environment and its Issues
23. Ecology and Ecosystem
24. Agriculture Science
25. Animal Husbandry
26. Economic Zoology
27. Economic Botany

Computer Awareness
1. Introduction to Computer
2. Computer Organization and Memory
3. Data Representation
4. Software
5. Data Communication Networking
6. Internet and Computer Security

Practice Test 1
Practice Test 2
Practice Test 3
Practice Test 4
Practice Test 5