ISBN 9789351443438,Objectives of Computer Science and Information Technology 2015

Objectives of Computer Science and Information Technology 2015




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GK Publisher

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351443438

ISBN-10 9351443434


Edition 9th
Number of Pages 550 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

1. Overview of Computer System and Data Processing
2. Introduction to Computers
3. Evolution of Computers
4. Digital Logic Families
5. Number System and Arithmetic
6. Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates
7. Combinational Logic Design
8. Computer Systems
9. Microprocessor
10. Memory Organization
11. Input and Output System
12. System Programming
13. Data Structure and Algorithm
14. Database Management System
15. Principle of Compiler Construction
16. Operating System
17. Process, Scheduling, Deadlocks and Inter Process Communication
18. File System
19. Memory Management
20. Security, Protection, System Performance
21. Computer Communication
22. Computer Network
23. Language Theory and Automata
24. Graph Theory
25. Discrete Structures
26. Statistical Techniques in Computer Science
27. System Analysis and Design
28. Programming Languages
29. Software Engineering and Program Development
30. Object Oriented Programming and C++
31. Word Processing
32. 'C' Programming
33. Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
34. Spreadsheet Software
35. Application Software
36. Industrial Application and Automation Systems
37. Management Information System
38. Computer Graphics
39. Program Logic
40. Java
41. Information Systems
42. Software Engineering
43. Web Technology

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Sample Question Papers
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