ISBN 9780443074356,Obstetrics In Focus

Obstetrics In Focus



Elsevier Publishing Company

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780443074356

ISBN-10 0443074356


Number of Pages 1486 Pages
Language (English)

Medical genetics

In Focus Obstetrics is aimed at all medical and health science students who require an introductory, low cost and highly illustrated guide to this specialty. The material is presented in double page spreads. The left-hand page has a synoptic and highly structured text (normally under the following headings: incidence; clinical features; differential diagnosis; management; prognosis). The right-hand page has a selection of four to six clinical photographs.

Obstetrics In Focus is a convenient pocket size and therefore ideal for quick preparation before ward rounds. Each volume also includes self-assessment material, which is extremely helpful for preparation for examinations.

Because of shorter time spent by women in hospital during pregnancy and after delivery, students are less likely to be able to see the full range of problems associated with pregnancy during their (ever shorter) short clinical attachments - the books in this series help supply that deficit.

Invaluable source of clinical photographs - students are now less able to be have the opportunity to see - in real life - the full range of conditions that they are expected to know about and that they may be tested on
Synoptic structured text - ideal for quick preparation before ward rounds
Includes self-assessment material - picture tests - handy for revision, especially for the all-important 'OSCE'

New series name: In Focus
New series design
Test revised to include more on management
Picture tests included in each volume for first time

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