ISBN 9788122312157,Of Dreams

Of Dreams


Pustak Mahal



Pustak Mahal

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788122312157

ISBN-10 8122312152


Language (English)

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A SOCIAL MESSAGE ENVELOPED IN A GRIPPING STORY THAT HAS ALL THE MAKINGS OF A JUICY PAGE TURNER ? PASSION, DECEIT, MANIPULATION, LICENTIOUSNESS AND LOVE ? WITH CAPTIVATING CHARACTERS AND AN UNPREDICTABLE ENDING. Rich and arrogant Amrita has lost her first love; pessimistic Aarti has lost her only chance to higher education and licentious go-getter Payal has lost her dignity. Of Dreams is the story of these three girls who stand disadvantaged at the threshold of adulthood. As they journey ahead: Amrita repeatedly allows herself to be manipulated but consequentially will she become the biggest manipulator? Aarti keeps looking behind when she should be forging ahead, and Payal tries desperately to erase her past but her future seems to be fading faster. And who is Shaheen? Why does she bring these three estranged friends together after 17 years and what secrets is she going to reveal? Of Dreams is a story of inner journeys set in an outer world of constraints and constrictions; deceit and manipulation....and love. Of Dreams explores who and what people become as the life choices they make sweep them onwards.

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