ISBN 9789383260010,Of Occupation and Resistance

Of Occupation and Resistance


Shah Fahad



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789383260010

ISBN-10 9383260017


Number of Pages 270 Pages
Language (English)

Comparative politics

Kashmir, it is a land craved by Kings, desired by monarchs and dreamed about by emperors. It maintains a stalwart image as the muse of poets from time immemorial, and it continues to arouse strong emotions even to this day. Ever since the Partition of India, it has been the centre of the territorial disputes of India and Pakistan. This land, once prized for its beauty and riches, is now filled with soldiers and guns. Yet, it is possible to get too caught up in the political trauma to forget the beauty beneath the façade. There is a stern tenacity in the blood of Kashmiris, exemplified by their refusal to stand down despite the crippling political chaos. In this book, Fahad Shah combines several personal accounts of life in Kashmir, making a blend that is at once moving and eye-opening. He paints a picture through the stories of Kashmiris as they live under political oppression, of a schoolgirl as she continuously has to deal with the fear of daily “crackdowns”, of a gravedigger as he goes about his task – at once too unnerving and melancholic as he buries maimed youths. From the story of a boy trying to stifle his grief and protest through music, to that of mother as she stands in wait for her son who was forced into disappearance, these accounts plunge readers into the abyssal trauma that haunts Kashmiris in their every waking hour. In doing so, it tells the story of the most sought-after prize India has to offer.