ISBN 9781560100652,Oil: Horses

Oil: Horses



Walter Foster Publishing

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9781560100652

ISBN-10 1560100656


Number of Pages 31 Pages
Language (English)

The arts: general issues

With flowing manes and tails; dark, mysterious eyes; and shaggy or burnished coats, horses have always been a popular artistic subject. In "Horses," acclaimed artist Cindy Larimore invites you into her artistic world so that you can learn how to re-create portraits of these beautiful, majestic, and graceful creatures in oil. First you will acquire a working knowledge of basic horse anatomy. Then you will follow step-by-step procedures that will allow you to paint horses in oil, from details of various features to full-body representations. YouAEll even discover methods of depicting various horse colorsusuch as chestnut, paint, bay, gray, black, and palominouas well as the differences between various horse breeds, resulting in accurate depictions. Any artist or horse-lover will enjoy this comprehensive guide

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