ISBN 9788129124920,On Women : Selected Writings

On Women : Selected Writings


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788129124920

ISBN-10 8129124920


Number of Pages 144 Pages
Language (English)


Insightful. Provocative. Unabashedly entertaining.Well known for his unabashed interest in the fairer sex, Khushwant Singh revelled in the notoriety his interest evoked, almost as much as he did in the response he received from women. Indeed, this enduring obsession provided fodder for some of Singhs best-known work, both as a journalist and as a peerless raconteur. On women, a wide-ranging selection of Singhs writings on the subject, includes Singhs recounting of an embarrassingly drunken meeting with Begum Para, an actress of yesteryear's, a sharp profile of Shraddha Mata, a tantric Sadhvi who was alleged to have borne Jawaharlal Nehrus illegitimate child and a touching sketch of Singhs grandmother in the twilight of her life. Also featured in this volume are unforgettable women characters from Khushwant Singhs most popular works of fiction - Georgine, a clueless American teenager who is seduced by a middle-aged tour guide in Delhi and Nooran, a young girl in pre-partition Punjab, who discovers the sweet pleasure of first love only to be overtaken by cataclysmic events which leave her adrift. Insightful, poignant and occasionally wicked, the essays and extracts in on women are testament to why Khushwant Singh remains one of the most popular writers of our times.

Interesting facts

  • One of the first thoughtful compilations of the authorss works after his death.

Part of a series of three, which include Khushwant Singh on love and sex and Khushwant Singh on religion.From Indias grand old man of letters comes a new compilation of essays on the women he had known. Insightful, funny and poignant.This book will appeal not only to admirers of Khushwant Singhs writing but to everyone.
About the Author
Born in Punjabs Hadali village (Now in Pakistan) in 1915, Khushwant singh is one of Indias best known and most widely read authors and columnists. He was founder-editor of Yojana and editor of the illustrated weekly of India, national herald and the Hindustan times. His first book, the mark of Vishnu and other stories, was published in 1950 and he has published several acclaimed and best-selling books of fiction and non-fiction in the six decades since. Among these are the novels train to Pakistan, I shall not hear the nightingale, Delhi and the company of women, his autobiography, truth, love and a little malice, the two-volume a history of the Sikhs, a collection of prayers and precepts, the free thinkers prayer book and the forthcoming consolations and lamentations. He has also translated the work of major Punjabi and Urdu poets and writers, as well as the Japji and the Rehras - the morning and evening prayers of the Sikhs.