ISBN 9780671737627,Once And Always

Once And Always


Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 1990

ISBN 9780671737627

ISBN-10 0671737627


Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)


Lord Fielding and Victoria Seaton are the protagonists of McNaught's romance. Jason Fielding is an arrogant, powerful, and wealthy man, who unfortunately is stuck in a marriage with an unfaithful partner. Surprisingly, Jason could care less about his wife's adulterous ways. His mind is more preoccupied by the memories of his painful childhood. Victoria Seaton is Lord Fielding's distant cousin. Raised by an American father and a British mother, she grows up in America. Victoria is depicted by McNaught as a free spirited and kind hearted woman, who is all set to marry her childhood beau, Andrew Bainbridge. Fate intervenes one day and lands Victoria at the door of Wakefield estate, where Jason Fielding resides. Here, Victoria learns the truth about her mother's past and her claim to part of the property. She is also warmly embraced by Uncle Charles, whose only wish is to see her married to Jason Fielding. In an effort to materialize his wish, Uncle Charles concocts a plan to formally announce Jason and Victoria's betrothal without their consent or knowledge. The plan doesn't seem like it would succeed because Jason is dead set against the idea of marrying and Victoria is still hopeful that Andrew will marry her. Nevertheless, Victoria begins to succumb to the charms of the English Lord. Although his demeanor screams of mystery and arrogance, a romance nonetheless blossoms between the pair. Victoria begins to understand Jason better and begins to help him heal from his past. Once And Always was first published in 1987. About Judith McNaught Judith McNaught is a best-selling author in contemporary and historical romance genre. She has authored over a dozen novels to date. Some of these titles are Night Whispers, Someone To Watch Over Me, and Whitney, My Love. McNaught was a Business major, which she completed at Northwestern University. Before taking up writing, she held many positions related to the film and entertainment sector. Whitney, My Love was McNaught's debut novel. Since then, she has sold over thirty million copies of her novels worldwide. She has topped The New York Times bestselling books chart several times. McNaught is also credited with inventing the Regency Historical genre. McNaught is quite involved in social work arenas. She actively supports women's literacy programs, cancer, and children's charities. McNaught has been married thrice.