ISBN 9780074632734,Operating Systems

Operating Systems



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780074632734

ISBN-10 0074632736

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Number of Pages 656 Pages
Language (English)

Operating systems

This book presents advanced software techniques, espically focusing on operating systems. It present material that will enable the reader to design, use, and analyze not only current operating systems but future ones as well. The presentation covers a spectrum ranging from specific implementation details to relevant theoretical results. The book is written as a text, with relevant problems, examples, and exercises.

Salient Features

It is a package course. this is not just a collectin of articles but an integrated textbook.
It is a text for upper undergraduate or graduate courses in computer in computer science or management.
Questions appear at the end of each chapter.
A teacher's manual is available with solutions to the questions and possible course syllabuses.
The book is based on a class-tested course given at M.I.T. for several years. It has been used at other universities, such as the University of Rhode Island and the University of Pittsburgh, and at several industrial companies, for example, The Foxboro Company, U.S. Naval Underwater Systems Center.
The text related to existing operating systems. we draw examples particularly, though not exclusively, form IBM's System/370.
The book uses a framework approach that our students find conceptually enjoyable and understandable.
Emphasis is given to relevant material, We have found that most students cannot appreciate theoritical results without some practical motivation.
A complete sample operatin system is presented. Studying an operating system is similar to riding a bicycle-you can write the equations to show the bicycle will balance but you can never ride the bicycle until you actually try.
A comprehensive and annoted bibliography is provided to enable the reader to delve futher into the topics introduced in the text

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