ISBN 9780074632727,Operating Systems: Concept And Design

Operating Systems: Concept And Design



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780074632727

ISBN-10 0074632728

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Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 780 Pages
Language (English)

Operating systems

This book strikes a unique balance among the theoretical foundation, desigtn considerations, and implementation aspects of operating systems. The book takes a decidedly systems approach by blending the theory,algorithms, and architectural support with design and implementation considerations of contemporary operating systems. An emphasis is placed on synthesis by exploring relationships among different parts of operating systems and demonstrating how they are combined to form complete systems.

Table of Contents:
PART I: FUNDAMENTALS Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Processes Chapter 3. Interprocess Synchronization Chapter 4. Interprocess Communication and Synchronization Chapter 5. Memory Management: Contiguous Allocation Chapter 6. Memory Management: Noncontiguous Allocation Chapter 7. File Management Chapter 8. Protection and Security PART II: IMPLEMENTATION Chapter 9. Input/Output: Principles and Programming Chapter 10. Design of a Kernel of a Multitasking Operating System (KMOS II) Chapter 11. Implementation of KMOS (TurboPascal) PART III: ADVANCED TOPICS Chapter 12. Multiprocessors Chapter 13. Distributed Systems: Algorithms and Design Chapter 14. Distributed Operating Systems: Implementation PART IV: CASE STUDIES Chapter 15. Case Studies (PC-DOS, Unix, Mach, Telemetry System) Appendix A: KMOS Sampler: C Appendix B: KMOS Source: C Appendix C: KMOS Sampler: C Bibliography Index