ISBN 9781422116968,Operation China From Strategy to Execution

Operation China From Strategy to Execution



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781422116968

ISBN-10 1422116964


Number of Pages 212 Pages
Language (English)


China has matured as a market and the game has changed. Yesterday, multinationals grappled with fundamental strategic choices: Do we go to China? Whom do we partner with? Where should we invest? Winning in China was all about achieving approval to enter the market, picking the right joint venture partner and selling in the right few cities to the right customers. Execution didn t matter as much as privileged access through government and partner relationships.

Today, China is teeming with MNCs and local competitors. Government is no longer the main driver of deals. Barriers to entry have fallen. Regulations are less of a factor. Partners are no longer required in many industries. Winning now depends on great execution: effectively and efficiently developing, marketing, producing, and channeling goods to customers and growing and retaining a talent base.

In Operation China, Jimmy Hexter and Jonathan Woetzel explain how you can achieve superior execution in China through operations including talent management, product development, information technology, procurement, supply-chain management, manufacturing, and sales, marketing, and distribution.

Based on over two decades of consulting experience for both local and multinational operations in China and extensive research on what drives success in operating in China, this book helps you get your operations right in the new competitive arena defining China today.

"It wasn't long ago when 'good' was good enough to win in China. No longer. Today, it's all about world-class execution. Jimmy Hexter and Jonathan Woetzel draw on their intimate knowledge of China to provide specific, real-world advice for all foreign companies operating in China today."

--Rick Wagoner, Chairman and CEO, General Motors Corporation

"Few Western companies have truly cracked the code on how to successfully turn a China strategy into a winning China business operation. Operation China nails down the key aspects of running businesses in China has no other book has."

--William Amelio, CEO, Lenovo

"If you are a global player, Operation China provides invaluable guidance and insight on translating China opportunities into results. If you're not a global player, but are impacted by companies that are, Operation China is a window into the source of your competitive weakness."

--Robert Holland Jr., Director at YUM! Brands, Inc.

"As trade between China and the United States has exploded, the gap has widened between companies taking full advantage of this opportunity and those left behind. Hexter and Woetzel have put their finger on what every executive must focus on to succeed