ISBN 9780195339499,Opioid Therapy In The 21st Century

Opioid Therapy In The 21st Century



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780195339499

ISBN-10 0195339495

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Number of Pages 208 Pages
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Opioids remain one of the most controversial agents in the armamentarium of analgesics, yet they are among the most effective therapeutics for many painful complaints. Despite the remarkable effectiveness of opioid analgesics in providing significant pain relief, fears of professional opprobrium, regulatory repercussions and/or adverse effects such as respiratory depression or addiction act as significant disincentives to the prescribing of these drugs. Many misconceptions exist about the use of opioids, and it is important that doctors are well informed about them, including the potential benefits of therapy and the potential problems that can occur. This book provides clinicians with up-to-date information about options for managing long-term pain symptoms and is designed to aid rational decision-making about patient care. Opioid Therapy in the 21st Century presents a basic introduction to opioid therapeutics and their appropriate clinical applications, along with various documentation tools to support responsible and safe prescribing practices.The book provides an overview of common pain problems and syndromes and covers the use of opioids in both cancer pain and non cancer pain. It is designed to increase the understanding and comfort level of clinicians prescribing opioid analgesics to patients suffering with significant pain, while stressing the importance of managing risk of abuse. Special sections are dedicated to opioird pharmacology and the needs of special populations such as paediatric, geriatric, and palliative care patients