ISBN 9781107655003,Optical Physics

Optical Physics



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781107655003

ISBN-10 1107655005

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Edition 4th
Number of Pages 590 Pages
Language (English)

Applied physics

This fourth edition of a well-established textbook takes students from fundamental ideas to the most modern developments in optics. Illustrated with 400 figures, it contains numerous practical examples, many from student laboratory experiments and lecture demonstrations. Aimed at undergraduate and advanced courses on modern optics, it is ideal for scientists and engineers.

The book covers the principles of geometrical and physical optics, leading into quantum optics, using mainly Fourier transforms and linear algebra. Chapters are supplemented with advanced topics and up-to-date applications, exposing readers to key research themes, including negative refractive index, surface plasmon resonance, phase retrieval in crystal diffraction and the Hubble telescope, photonic crystals, super-resolved imaging in biology, electromagnetically induced transparency, slow light and superluminal propagation, entangled photons and solar energy collectors. Solutions to the problems, simulation programs, key figures and further discussions of several topics are available at

Table Of Contents
1. History of ideas
2. Waves
3. Geometrical optics
4. Fourier theory
5. Electromagnetic waves
6. Polarization and anisotropic media
7. The scalar theory of diffraction
8. Fraunhofer diffraction and interference
9. Interferometry
10. Optical waveguides and modulated media
11. Coherence
12. Image formation
13. The classical theory of dispersion
14. Quantum optics and lasers

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