ISBN 9780199451647,Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780199451647

ISBN-10 0199451648

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Number of Pages 740 Pages
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Organic chemistry

Organic Chemistry is primarily written as a preliminary text for undergraduate students of chemistry, both general and honours. The book is structured in to two parts. Part I Chemistry of Aliphatic Compounds comprises 20 chapters. The remaining 10 chapters are devoted to aromatic compounds and constitute Part II Chemistry of Aromatic Compounds.

The book follows a modern methodology of learning basic organic chemistry. It presents a large number of reactions with discussions supported with mechanistic explanations and diagrams wherever needed. The chapters 'Carbohydrates' and 'Amino Acids, Proteins and Nucleic Acids' would be particularly useful for students doing majors in biosciences, with chemistry as an ancillary subject