ISBN 9788126914722,Organic Lab Manual

Organic Lab Manual



Atlantic Publishers

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788126914722

ISBN-10 8126914726

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Number of Pages 312 Pages
Language (English)

Basic Sciences

Organic Lab Manual provides complete information of organic practical, a systematic path to conduct an experiment, and a way to write it down. It also provides expected calculation, wherever necessary, so as to make the experiment easy to understand by the students. Each chapter includes sufficient number of experiments, and each experiment has been designed in a fashion that is essentially used by the students in writing their practical notebook. The book begins with a chapter on experimental techniques. Further, it includes qualitative organic analysis, spectroscopy, organic synthesis, extraction of organic compounds from natural sources, chromatography and quantitative organic analysis. In addition, the Appendix incorporates the preparation of reagents and indicator-solutions along with the lists of chemicals kept under a hood, chemicals obtainable from stock room, reagents on student shelf, reagents on side shelf, hazardous chemicals and their effects, etc. Safety measures in laboratory, remedies for a few chemical reagents, first aid, etc. have also been included in it. Finally, the Index of the book makes it easier to trace any term or topic related to the subject. The book has been designed to meet the demands of the students of B.Sc. and those pursuing M.Sc. in Chemistry, covering the syllabi of all Indian universities. Its language is simple and easy to follow. Students can perform the experiments themselves and can also learn to write the experiments by following the book. The book contains complete theory, reasoning and reactions involved in each experiment. The book with all these features will find favour not only with the students but also the teachers and the laboratory assistants