ISBN 9780195674125,Organic Stereochemistry

Organic Stereochemistry

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ISBN 9780195674125
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ISBN 9780195674125

Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780195674125

ISBN-10 019567412X


Number of Pages 96 Pages
Language (English)


A short historical introduction serves to introduce many common stereochemical terms used throughout the book. Chapter two is an account of the structures of simple unstrained organic molecules followed by examples of strained molecules. The third chapter deals with conformational analysis of acyclic and carbo cyclic molecules, ending with a short exposition of molecular mechanics.

Chapter four is about stereo isomerism in molecules and compounds. A full description of enantiomerism and diaster eomerism is followed by an explanation of the nomenclature for absolute and relative configurations of molecules and for topism. A short chapter describes racemates, their resolution, and methods for determining enantiomeric purity. The book concludes with a survey of stereo selective and stereo specific reactions, including the use of chiral catalysts and auxiliaries, rules for predicting stereo selectivity, and double asymmetric synthesis.

Salient Features

Progressive approach from simple structures to more complex reactions very much aimed at students.
Clear explanation of modern nomenclature.
Provides good physical basis to stereochemistry.
Table of contents :-
Developments of methods and concepts in organic stereochemistry
Organic molecules
Shapes, Sizes and Strain problems.
The changing shapes of organic molecules
Stereo isomerism in molecules and compounds
Racemates and resolution
Stereospecific and stereo selective reactions
Answers and hints