ISBN 9788126551064,Organic Synthesis:The Disconnection Approach

Organic Synthesis:The Disconnection Approach


Stuart Warren



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788126551064

ISBN-10 8126551062


Number of Pages 360 Pages
Language (English)


Organic Synthesis:The Disconnection Approach is an updated and revised book on organic synthesis for organic scientists and biochemistry and chemistry students. It focuses extensively on the disconnection approach in which a reversal of the retro-synthetic analysis approach to organic synthesis, leads to the creation of synthetic routes. The book has included recent techniques and new examples along with illustrations to make it more relevant and informative for the students. Some of the topics covered in the book include, Synthons and Reagents: Aromatic Compounds, One Group C-C Disconnections I: Alcohols, Chemoselectivity, Control in C=O Condensations, Radicals, Saturated Heterocycles, Stereo selectivity A, Six-Membered Rings, Cyclopropanes, Alkene Synthesis, Nitro Groups and Aromatic Heterocycles. The examples included in it are drawn from natural products, perfumery, pharmaceuticals and dyestuff, along with the reasons for synthesizing any compound. This will help the students to develop better understanding and strategize and design organic syntheses on their own.