ISBN 9780074515068,Organization And Management

Organization And Management



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 1983

ISBN 9780074515068

ISBN-10 0074515063


Number of Pages 724 Pages
Language (English)


Organization and Management is a comprehensive text and is structured to meet the syllabi requirements of various universities and professional institutes, particularly the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. It fills the need for a systematically-organised quality text, written in an easy-to-read style. It adopts the basic approach of treating an organization as a system and management as an art. It presents concepts and principles as guides for management and not as rules of thumb, and emphasizes the need for managers to relate decisions to operating situations. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. Fundamentals of Management Chapter 2. Management Thought Chapter 3. The Concept, Nature and Process of Planning Chapter 4. Objectives of Business Chapter 5. Instrument of Planning Chapter 6. Decision Making Chapter 7. Organization and Organization Structures Chapter 8. Process of Organizing Chapter 9. Departmentation Chapter 10. Line-Staff and Lateral Relations Chapter 11. Delegation and Decentralization Chapter 12. Directing and Problems in Human Relations Chapter 13. Motivation Chapter 14. Communication Chapter 15. Leadership Chapter 16. Coordination Chapter 17. Management Control Chapter 18. Control Techniques Chapter 19. Individual Behaviour, Formal and Informal Relations Chapter 20. Group Dynamics and Behaviour Chapter 21. Job Satisfaction Chapter 22. Morale Chapter 23. Change--Its Resistance and Management Chapter 24. Nature and Functions of Marketing Chapter 25. Product Strategy Chapter 26. Distribution Channels Chapter 27. Pricing Objectives and Policies Chapter 28. Promotion Strategies Chapter 29. Advertising and Sales Promotion Chapter 30. Personal Selling Chapter 31. Marketing Research Chapter 32. Production Management Chapter 33. Production Planning and Control Chapter 34. Quality Control Chapter 35. Inventory Control Chapter 36. Purchasing Chapter 37. Nature and Scope of Financial Management Chapter 38. Financial Analysis and Control Chapter 39. Break-even Analysis and Profit Planning Chapter 40. Operating and Financial Leverages Chapter 41. Working Capital Management Chapter 42. Cost of Capital Chapter 43. Capital Budgeting Chapter 44. Dynamic Personnel Management Chapter 45. Staffing Policies and Process Chapter 46. Wage and Salary Policies and Administration