ISBN 9780070618305,Organizational Behavior Essential

Organizational Behavior Essential



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070618305

ISBN-10 0070618305


Language (English)


OB knowledge is for everyone not just traditional managers. McShane/VonGlinow believe that everyone who works in and around organizations need to understand and make use of OB knowledge. The new reality is that people in organizations ?sales representatives, accountants, technicians, nurses, etc. - are assuming more responsibilities as companies remove layers of bureaucracy and give teams more autonomy over their work. This book helps every employee make sense of organizational behavior and gives him or her the tools to work more effectively within organizations. McShane/VonGlinow?s Organizational Behavior text helps students understand and influence behavior in organizations by showing the connection between contemporary OB theories and actual events in organizations. This theory-practice link relies on real life examples to help students understand OB concepts. Anecdotes and stories effectively communicate the relevance and excitement of OB by bringing abstract concepts closer to reality. The text also includes emerging OB topics that other textbooks have yet to notice (e.g. knowledge management, virtual teams, self-leadership, emotional intelligence, contingent workforce, etc. This text is founded on contemporary organizational behavior scholarship and uses a variety of sources (management, marketing and MIS journals as well as a variety of non-academic sources such as the LA Times, Across the Board, and People Management ) to research the most recent literature on every major OB topic this. Students see that OB is truly everywhere. Contents 1. Introduction. 2. Indiviaual Behavior and Processes 3. Perceptions and Learning in Organizations. 4. Woerkplace Emotions, Attitudes, and Stress. 5. Employee Motivation: Foundations and Practices. 6. Individual Decision Making. 7. Team Dynamics 8. Communicating in Terms and Organizations. 9. Power and Influence in the Workplace 10. Conflict Management. 11. Leadership on Organizational Settings. 12. Organizational Processes. 13. Organizational Culture. 14.Organizational change