ISBN 9780571236923,Orhan Pamuk

Orhan Pamuk


Orhan Pamuk


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Faber & Faber

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780571236923

ISBN-10 0571236928


Number of Pages 900 Pages
Language (English)

Literature & Fiction

My Name is Red: In the late 1590s, the Sultan secretly commissions a great book: a celebration of his life and his Empire, to be illuminated by the best artists of the day in the European manner. At a time of violent fundamentalism, however, this is a dangerous proposition. Even the illustrious circle of artists are not allowed to know for whom they are working. But when one of the miniaturists is murdered, their Master has to seek outside help. Did the dead painter fall victim to professional rivalry, romantic jealousy or religious terror? With the Sultan demanding an answer within three days, perhaps the clue lies somewhere in the half-finished pictures . Orhan Pamuk is Turkey's leading contemporary novelist and in My Name is Red, he has fashioned an unforgettable tale of suspense and an artful meditation on love and deception.

Snow: As the snow begins to fall, a journalist arrives in the remote city of Kars on the Turkish border. Kars is a troubled place there's a suicide epidemic among its young women, Islamists are poised to win the local elections and the head of the intelligence service is viciously effective. When the growing blizzard cuts off the outside world, the stage is set for a terrible and desperate act .Orhan Pamuk's magnificent and bestselling new novel evokes the spiritual fragility of the non-Western world, its ambivalence about the godless West, and its fury.

The Black Book: The Black Book is Orhan Pamuk's tour de force, a stunning tapestry of Middle Eastern and Islamic culture which confirmed his reputation as a writer of international stature. Richly atmospheric and Rabelaisian in scope, it is a labyrinthine novel suffused with the sights, sounds and scents of Istanbul, an unforgettable evocation of the city where East meets West and a boldly unconventional mystery that plumbs the elusive nature of identity, fiction, interpretation and reality.