ISBN 9780865777798,Orthopedic Surgery: The Essentials

Orthopedic Surgery: The Essentials



PeePee Publishers and Distributors Pvt

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9780865777798

ISBN-10 0865777799

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Number of Pages 992 Pages
Language (English)

Clinical Sciences

Offering a complete, fully integrated approach to the entire field of orthopedic surgery, this new reference covers basic science, anatomy, surgical approaches, evaluation, treatment and anticipated outcome. Highlights include full discussions of: musculoskeletal soft tissues, joint pathology, imaging techniques, trauma, oncology, adult and pediatric orthopedics, medical malpractice, and evolving telemedicine technology. The book's detailed yet easy-to-read format aids in implementing the practical tips and guidelines, highlighted throughout. As comprehensive as any existing orthopedic textbook, but with the convenience of portability, the book contains hundreds of useful, finely executed illustrations. With its complete approach, this decisive book also provides the core curriculum for orthopedic residents, including state-of-the-art sections on gene therapy, outpatient orthopedics, new surgical procedures, and resource management. Practical and timely, ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY: THE ESSENTIALS provides a clear, streamlined approach to the field. It is ideal for residents, medical students, and practicing orthopedic surgeons, who will use it both for examination review and for authoritative reference.

Table of Contents

Section I. Basic Science
Section II. Diagnostic Studies
Section III. Trauma
Section IV. Soft Tissue
Section V. Spine
Section VI. Shoulder
Section VII. Elbow
Section VIII. Wrist/Hand
Section IX. Pelvis, Hip, and Femur
Section X. Knee and Leg
Section XI. Foot and Ankle
Section XII. Pediatrics
Section XIII. Nerve Injuries
Section XIV. Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
Section XV. Oncology
Section XVI. Infections
Section XVII. Orthopaedic Issues in Aging
Section XVIII. Ethics
Section XIX. Economic, Legal, and Political Issues in Orthopaedics