ISBN 9789380349404,Ouch! That 'Hearts'..

Ouch! That 'Hearts'..

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Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380349404

ISBN-10 9380349408


Language (English)


They were far away. They had been coercively separated. Half a world apart. He was in india, while she in US. Some say that long distance relationships do not work. They knew just one thing: love works. And they possessed just one asset: hope, It worked for them, even without hearing each other's voice for months, even without seeing each other's voice face for almost half a year. Six months later, she was coming back to india for just a week. Their exitement touched the pinnacle of joy, in hope that their timeless wait was going to be over the moment they would behold each ohter's light. But somethihng happens. Love fails. Hope survives. Or vice-versa? What happens next ? Come and find out tourself in the continuing story of Kanav and Tanya...