ISBN 9788174093004,Outlines of Chemical Instrumentation Process Control

Outlines of Chemical Instrumentation Process Control



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ISBN 9788174093004

ISBN-10 8174093001

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Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 580 Pages
Language (English)

Chemical engineering

The author is thankful to the readers for their support. Additions and Revisions are done to update the book. Improvements are made in (1) Process Contol (2) Measuring Instruments and (3) Modeling. The author is thankful to the management of Sri Venkateshwara Engineering College, Suryapet, A.P., for bringing out this edition. Gate questions are Incorporated to be more useful Table of Contents
*General, Technical terms, Overall understanding Mathematics in Instrumentation and Control, Science of Automatic Control, Process Characteristics and Process Dynamics *Types of control-Actions, Feedback Control *Transient Response, Stability methods *Controllers, Control Valves, Instrument Characteristics and Transmission *Measuring instrument-I *Signal Flow Graphs, Modern Control Theory, Conversion of Experimental Data, Idea of Advanced Topics in Process Control *Measuring Intstruments -II, Instrumentation Diagrams *Modeling *Digital (Computer) Control *Quiz Questions and Answers, Gate Questions *Experiments in Instruments and Control