ISBN 9788170690290,Outlines Of Linguistic Analysis

Outlines Of Linguistic Analysis



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1972

ISBN 9788170690290

ISBN-10 8170690293

Hard Back

Number of Pages 82 Pages
Language (English)

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Preface chap i. Language and linguistics : 1. The importance of language 2. The nature of language 3. The learning process 4. Linguistic science chap ii. Phonetics : 1. The use of phonetics 2. General phonetics 3. Terminology 4. The formation of speech sounds 5. The vocal organs : i. The lower lip ii. The apex iii. The front iv. The dorsum v. The vocal cords 6. The classification of speech sounds : 7. Phonetic symbols 8. The classification of vowels 9. Semivowels 10. Further analysis of vowels : i. Nasalization ii. Retroflection iii. Tension iv. Voice 11. The classification of consonants 12. Syllabic consonants 13. Further analysis of consonants : i. Coarticulation ii. Degree of aperture iii. Inner closure iv. Release 14. Prosodic features : i. Quantity ii. Accent iii. Juncture 15. Phonetic transcription chap iii. Phonemics : 1. Phonemic analysis 2. The reason for phonemics 3. The technique of analysis 4. Complementary distribution 5. Phonemic structure 6. Phonemic symbols 7. The phonemes of english : i. Juncture ii. Stress iii. Consonants iv. Vowels v. Intonation chap iv. Morphology : 1. The nature of grammatical analysis 2. Word and morpheme 3. Derivation and inflection 4. Paradigms 5. Morphological processes : i. Affixation ii. Internal change iii. Reduplication iv. Suppletion v. Zero modification 6. Parts of speech 7. Treatment of derivatives : i. Classification by morphological process ii. Classification by part of speech 8. Treatment of affixes 9. Compound words 10. Immediate constituents 11. Meaning and form chap v. Syntax : 1. Syntactic constructions 2. The english actor-action construction 3. Features of arrangement : i. Selection ii. Order iii. Modification and modulation 4. Syntactic meaning 5. The function of phrases 6. Syntactic form-classes 7. Analysis of a form-class : i. Congruence ii. Subclasses iii. Government reading list