ISBN 9788172681234,Outlines of the History of Religion to the Spread of the Universal Religion

Outlines of the History of Religion to the Spread of the Universal Religion


C.P. Tiele


Logos Press



Logos Press

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788172681234

ISBN-10 8172681232


Number of Pages 249 Pages
Language (English)

Aspects of religions

This book tries to show how the great psychological phenomenon, which we call religion, has developed and manifested itself in such various shapes among the different races and peoples of the world. It endeavours to become acquainted with Animism, this being the form of religion which must have preceded the religions known to us by history, and served as their foundation.
Also, it makes in-depth study of history of religion among the Chinese; Egyptians; Indo-Germans who came little, or not at all, into contact with the Semites, the Aryans, Hindus, Iranians, Letto-Slaves and Germans; and among the Indo-Germans in whose religion the national elements were supplemented and blended with others of north Semitic or Hamitic origin, viz. the Greeks and Romans. The genealogical connection and historical relation of religions, which gave rise to different streams of development, have been taken into account as well