ISBN 9788171675944,Overman: The Intermediary Between The Human And The Supramental Being

Overman: The Intermediary Between The Human And The Supramental Being


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788171675944

ISBN-10 8171675948


Number of Pages 202 Pages
Language (English)


"As Man Arose Out Of Animal, So Out Of Man Superman Shall Come," Said Aurobindo Ghose. Overman Is A Metaphysical Book That Dwells Upon The Concept Of The Ultimate Progression Of Man Into A Highly Enlightened Species, The Supramental Being, Towards Which, The Author Believes, The Intermediary Stage (The Overman) Has Already Been Achieved. About The Author Georges Van Vrekhem Is A Belgian Journalist, Poet And Playwright. Influenced By The Works Of Aurobindo Ghose, He Joined The Sri Aurobindo Ashram In Pondicherry In 1970, Moving To Auroville In 1978 Where He Still Lives. He Has Translated Into Dutch Several Of The Books Of Aurobindo Ghose, The Mother And Satprem, As Well As Selected Writings From The Ramayana And The Mahabharata. He Is Also The Author Of Beyond Man: The Life And Works Of Sri Aurobindo.