ISBN 9780198073826,Oxford School Atlas (With Cd)

Oxford School Atlas (With Cd)



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780198073826

ISBN-10 0198073828


Number of Pages 120 Pages
Language (English)

Literature: texts

This popular atlas in its thirty third edition has all-new maps and diagrams, as well as a Compact Disc, to help students from different walks of life better understand Geography. Summary Of The Book Oxford School Atlas (With CD) has long been a popular favourite of students and researchers alike. Its accuracy and cartographic competence have been lauded across the board. The primary features are that this thirty third edition has 178 maps which are lucid and easily understandable. It also contains 81 thematic Indian maps, complete with diagrams and charts. The thirty second edition had 153 maps, and 66 thematic maps of India. Some of the important features of this atlas are that it contains pertinent socio-economic as well as demographic data that are obtained from authoritative sources such as the 2011 Census of India and the Planning Commission. Oxford School Atlas (With CD) also imbibes recent geo-political developments, as well as the environmental concerns keeping India and the rest of the world in mind. All the continents are covered extensively with respect to basic thematic subjects such as minerals, agriculture, industry, natural vegetation, wildlife, and even natural hazards. Besides this, there are regional maps of countries in the Oxford School Atlas (With CD). Another important feature is that there is a new World Facts and Figures section, where there is comprehensive information on all the countries of the world, such as flags, statistics and other geographic conditions. There is also a map charting the various time zones of the world. The CD ROM of the thirty third edition has interesting information on the history of cartography. Geographical concepts are explained using animation, so as to make them palatable and easy to understand. There are also 53 maps of urban areas in India, and other important world cities. The CD ROM also contains crucial information on various international organizations of repute. Oxford School Atlas (With CD) is essential for students in school, and even for researchers, since there are interactive quizzes and games, historical maps depicting India and the world, as well as printable quizzes and statistics take from Census 2011 for each Indian district. TABLE OF CONTENTS The indian Subcontinent The Indian States ? Politcal India Thejmati cobntinents And Regions Asia Europe Africa North America South America Oceania Oceania And Antarctica World Index